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Monday, 11 November 2013

The Gift of Life

A mentor and an Aim     
In major part of my life I have been without any aim, I have been moving with the flow. But there was always a trust that where ever I will reach I will be happy because I did had a mentor for some crucial years in my life.  There is no guarantee that whatever your mentor says and believes will hold good for you and your future. The good part about having a mentor in your life is that they can help you locate the hidden traps of life. A great mentor according to me is not the one who knows what to do but one who knows what not to do. Anyone who can caution me about the traps would be of great help in life rather than someone who can tell me where the treasures are hidden. Having a mentor is best when accompanied with an aim in life.

Aim is that important part of life without which I think the life was not worth living. Not having an aim is like giving exams without any results in the end to compare your progress. I recently lost my mentor but found an aim. My aim in life is to be HAPPY, all my actions in life are now driven by one innate desire to be happy and I seek happiness in all things and actions around me. To be happy is only possible when you spread happiness when you give importance to what you have in hand rather than what you can and what you could have achieved.