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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wonder(FOOL) US

There comes a time when we stop dreaming, the aspirations we had the enthusiasm that kept us on the toes, the curiosity, the wit, and the mischievous child in us all fades away. I remember the days when I was a kid and I loved gazing at the stares, throwing stones in the lakes, riding my bycycle and falling, sitting with friends and talking all night, writing names on the wall, I was happy, I was complete and content. I derived my pleasure physically by experiencing people and talking to them, fighting with my friends for sharing an ice cream. Not having money to buy a 10 rupee burger was the time I miss the most and knowing it will never come back gives a chill to the spine.

Today I have all the things which I use to dream of in my junior years but this has made me thinking that are they worth it. I love my past more than my present. What I did back in the past have all turned into memories and what I am doing now will also be a memory. I loved my friends more back then than I love them now. Why does it happen????

The reason why we appreciate small things in life is because we FEEL. Nowadays I see people feeling but they are afraid to show it. They think if they will be their natural self and show others what they feel will display them as weak. Two friends will not talk to each other after a fight because of ego, we will not take the risk to ride a bycyle because we are afraid to fall and people might laugh, in office we cannot be friends because other people might not like it. This kind of thinking has really made us loose on the opportunities we have to create memories and to live them. This has made us loose our individuality and drain us from all the qualities we were born with. We don’t play anymore, we don’t fight any more, we don’t laugh togather, we don’t be weird, rather we act that we are playing, fighting, laughing and then click pictures of them. Pictures have turned into the certificates which prove that we are having a good time and posting them on social media makes it real, so that people know that I am having an awesome time. More than ourselves we like 
proving to others that I AM HAPPY.

Feeling is a divine sense that shall be experienced NOT POSTED ON FACEBOOK