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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wonder(FOOL) US

There comes a time when we stop dreaming, the aspirations we had the enthusiasm that kept us on the toes, the curiosity, the wit, and the mischievous child in us all fades away. I remember the days when I was a kid and I loved gazing at the stares, throwing stones in the lakes, riding my bycycle and falling, sitting with friends and talking all night, writing names on the wall, I was happy, I was complete and content. I derived my pleasure physically by experiencing people and talking to them, fighting with my friends for sharing an ice cream. Not having money to buy a 10 rupee burger was the time I miss the most and knowing it will never come back gives a chill to the spine.

Today I have all the things which I use to dream of in my junior years but this has made me thinking that are they worth it. I love my past more than my present. What I did back in the past have all turned into memories and what I am doing now will also be a memory. I loved my friends more back then than I love them now. Why does it happen????

The reason why we appreciate small things in life is because we FEEL. Nowadays I see people feeling but they are afraid to show it. They think if they will be their natural self and show others what they feel will display them as weak. Two friends will not talk to each other after a fight because of ego, we will not take the risk to ride a bycyle because we are afraid to fall and people might laugh, in office we cannot be friends because other people might not like it. This kind of thinking has really made us loose on the opportunities we have to create memories and to live them. This has made us loose our individuality and drain us from all the qualities we were born with. We don’t play anymore, we don’t fight any more, we don’t laugh togather, we don’t be weird, rather we act that we are playing, fighting, laughing and then click pictures of them. Pictures have turned into the certificates which prove that we are having a good time and posting them on social media makes it real, so that people know that I am having an awesome time. More than ourselves we like 
proving to others that I AM HAPPY.

Feeling is a divine sense that shall be experienced NOT POSTED ON FACEBOOK

Monday, 3 March 2014

At the COST of What?

Technology has been the savior of the mankind and has always been there for almost all our needs.  Today almost ever thing is driven by technology and the picture is expected to improve further. The reason of developing better and smart technology is to make our life easier but the question here is “at the cost of what?” the reason it is important is because I think technology has made our lives easier but in the same way has removed the term hard workers from our resume or may be character. We proudly call ourselves smart workers in the age of technology. Though I respect the term but I am not very impressed by the support of technology we take in our daily life, rather the expectations we have from technology. If we have to plan a trip we easily go and book it online, we read testimonials, check out restaurants etc. to understand what the trip has to offer beforehand, But at the cost of what?? I think we have sacrificed the element of surprise, excitement and explore the new from the picture. I recently happen to be in a situation when someone asked about me about Hindu mythology and the answer was “google it”, but again at the cost of what? Here our brain has been outsourced to google.  We don’t have to remember passwords, we don’t have to remember dates, and occasions etc. etc. and trust the list is huge. Writing the article I realized that we don’t have to even remember the spelling because Microsoft has got your back. We are surrounded by technology all over the place and it is trying to penetrate everywhere from externally used devices to even our eyes now (google glass). I am not very impressed by the thinking that technology makes our life easy; I think it makes us dependent and after a while we will not be able to help our own selves. So what will happen to the phrase "god helps those who help themselves"???

Friday, 17 January 2014

Talk it out.

The current external environment emphasizes a lot on the need to LISTEN and listening does helps in a lot of ways. The flip side of the situation is that most of the people just hear the conversation and blindly follow the conclusion of the discussions. The whole point of the discussion is to bring on the table the different issues and viewpoints that different stakeholder have, on the table. Most of the time discussions end in a very obvious way and by Obvious I mean, people know the conclusion beforehand.  While you get involved in a discussion you are expected to say and speak what you think, what you feel and what you think should be the right course of action but people just keep their mouth shut and don't speak thinking their view is either not important or wont be heard.

I somewhere think that not speaking about your viewpoint when it is required may lead to inferiority complex and thus frustration. People who don’t speak up in discussions and conversation generally are not satisfied by the decisions which are taken after the discussions are over. They generally crib and talk bad about people who have the power to influence decisions (I am not saying that influential people are always rite), they make a bad impression about those people and some of them even spread that bad words too. Thus it is very important to always say what you feel irrespective of what you think would be the consequences. Speaking up not only satisfies your desires but it helps others too as you set an example. I have been more of a SPEAKING guy all my life and have been surprised to know why people don’t speak up.

Speak the spark, because it has a short life. Either it ignites a huge fire or it dies.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Key to success is to have The KEY, Success is just an outcome then.

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Something happened in me which made me stop writing for a while, but today I lie down on my bed and I was struck with a very peculiar thought. A thought that I never though before. The thought was a memory, a memory which was not mine but had something to do with me and my life. The memory was someone else's but I was so moved by it that it made me write again.

I started thinking for the reason why I would do something good or bad, why is that I enjoy being happy? why is that I remember my good times when I am upset?. every thing in my life came for some time and then went away with its time. whether it was the happiness or the sad days they all were not permanent. I realized one little thing, that its only the present on which I dwell not the future, nor the past. Form my past I have some MEMORIES and a vision for the future and I want to make that vision a memory too when I depart from the world. I have had many screw ups in my life due to my crazy attitude but as i grow up I realized I dint make any good memories out if it. But now I realize the importance of making things end in a good way. This will make me and my near and dear once proud of me when I grow old and it will also give a sense of prestige that I made something good in my life which i am proud of.

Make and do things in life which you are proud of or its all a waste and your regret.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The Gift of Life

A mentor and an Aim     
In major part of my life I have been without any aim, I have been moving with the flow. But there was always a trust that where ever I will reach I will be happy because I did had a mentor for some crucial years in my life.  There is no guarantee that whatever your mentor says and believes will hold good for you and your future. The good part about having a mentor in your life is that they can help you locate the hidden traps of life. A great mentor according to me is not the one who knows what to do but one who knows what not to do. Anyone who can caution me about the traps would be of great help in life rather than someone who can tell me where the treasures are hidden. Having a mentor is best when accompanied with an aim in life.

Aim is that important part of life without which I think the life was not worth living. Not having an aim is like giving exams without any results in the end to compare your progress. I recently lost my mentor but found an aim. My aim in life is to be HAPPY, all my actions in life are now driven by one innate desire to be happy and I seek happiness in all things and actions around me. To be happy is only possible when you spread happiness when you give importance to what you have in hand rather than what you can and what you could have achieved.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Strengthen the Strength

In life, one always runs after achieving what is not with them the things which they have always wanted, the skills they always wanted to improve upon. Achieving what you desire in life is very important or that vacuum is always there, that regret is always there about not being able to do what you always wanted in life. But is that really important? Will it take you towards success? Since I entered higher education in life, I learnt the term SWOT. I did my SWOT too and like every one else I too had weakness and some strengths.  I ended up taking close to heart all the weakness in me and started working towards them so they are gone; I wanted a blank space in my weakness columns of SWOT report card. I ran to overcome my weaknesses. But after a while I realized that I started losing the flare in me although I tried overcoming all my drawbacks. I was stunned to see that even though I am trying to be perfect and get rid of all my weaknesses still I am loosing what I was. The charm was somewhere losing its shine.

The reason was me. I worked upon my weakness but I forgot that I had some strength too. It was my strengths because of which I was what I was. My strengths were the things which shaped my character; they gave me the flare which made me overcome all my obstacles. Now I was at a position where I realized that in order to be better I have lost the basis platform which made me what I was. Working on your grey areas is important but it’s even more important that you retain what you are known for, the strengths you posses.

Weakness is good till the time is stays with you , if you don’t have any weakness people will not talk about you because no one want to talk about a perfect man, because a perfect man does not exist.