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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Every one of us is a diamond and we posses certain talents and skills which can make us shine even better. But do we take that move, is the point of worry because most of us do not. I intend to talk about the talents which are possessed by us and should be respected but are we doing justice to it?

It is worth thinking WHY do we posses the talent and skill, what is the science and mystery behind it? Why is that I can do a certain activity in a better and effortless way than any of my friend? Why do we not run after our desired goals and succumb to society and their way of living?

I do not blame anyone but the education system for this, although the system is good but it has missed one very basic and critical subject called the talent realization and pursuit. Or education system gives importance to the entire subject line but it has no respect for the unique ability which the child possesses.

Understanding your talent is half a part which most of us do today, some of us know about our talents, we know what we are good at but practicing it is not which most of us do and is a crucial thing which is skipped. All my friends (including me) talk about making a difference to the world and changing the system, but it cannot be done my playing temple run or chatting on Blackberry one needs to break the comfort zone and start doing.

Most of us today are not satisfied and happy with our profession and think if I would have a second chance then I would try pursuit my talent. We study science, law, management with an ultimate goal of earning, the better and expensive the course the better the returns after getting a degree but are we doing justice to our talents? I suppose most of us are not even doing justice to the degrees which we have earned by studying management or law or science.  If every degree or course which we do is to earn better income in future then why not learn and train in what we are good at and have interest and inclination. This would reduce work related frustration, restore work and professional life balance and increase productivity. Working towards our talents and the kind of occupation we always wanted to take would give us all the happiness and desires which we would never be able to achieve even after studying the elite degrees.

Friday, 8 March 2013


There are some unique occurrences which happen to an Indian woman and she has been showing courage to fight them again and again. There are 3 phases which brings about the most prominent changes in a women’s life and they categorized as-child, adulthood and marriage.

As a woman’s age increase her societal burdens also increases and it keeps on increasing till the point where she only fulfills expectations of the society rather than her own desires.

The journey of a female fetus starts with some bad experiences; people try to kill her even before she is born. If she makes out and takes birth she is welcomed with sorrow and unhappiness as she will only eat and will not earn for the family unlike a male who earns bread when he grows up, still she gives smiles to her mother after being born. She is not allowed to attend classes and carry on with her education; she cannot even get education which is her right but still she draws her mom and dad in the school. As she attains adulthood, she has to sacrifice her desires and follow the rules formulated by society, she is not allowed to work at night, she cannot wear cloths of her own choice, she cannot have male friends and more over she cannot talk loud in public.

Marriage is the biggest sacrifice which a woman makes in her life, all her desires, likings and disliking are gone in a day and she now has a master who would control her for the rest of her life and she is expected to obey him, intruding her birth right of being free. After marriage even a small mistake makes her a bad omen for the family and she has to live with that curse. While her pregnancy people warn her of giving birth to a female child, but still she smiles and her motherhood flourishes.

Since the geneses a women struggles and takes on every possible beating from the society and smile. She moves forward and makes everyone happy who comes in her motherly contact. She has the capacity to study and beat the brightest of the male child, to be a bread earner for the family, to run ahead to MEN and beat them in their own ground. But still she remains calm and takes pride in delivering mankind the biggest gift of god, giving birth to you and me.

It is a salute to all the women, who have struggled and taken every challenge of the society to show them HUM KISI SE KAAM NAHI..!!



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happiness the root cause

We are always running to attain some thing in life, a better job, better salary, better life style, better grades etc. these things we seek does it satisfy us? Are we satisfied with the current job which we always wanted, are we happy with the current salary which we draw, if the answer is no, then have you ever thought; why? Even though there is always something better to attain in life and be proud of it but what keeps us moving?

It is Happiness. To all of us happiness comes from achieving the desired goals, we feel happy to get a salary hike, to buy a new car or a new house; although this happiness may or may not be for a long time but surely it is never permanent. We struggle for more hikes, bigger car and ever a more lavish home and more happiness. Thus, the thought of experiencing more happiness motivates us to struggle for our goals.

Every action of human being can be rooted down to happiness, writing a blog makes me happy, reading blogs make you happy, a thief feels happy after steeling, a fat person feels happy after burning calories, a student feels happy to excel in class etc. but when one achieves his set goals it is then he dives in the sea of happiness and reaches peace with his mind but not for long because there is still something more lucrative out there and again, we run.

The way we look at happiness today is quite different than the actual structure, we have conditioned our minds where we associate happiness with a desired goal, fasting leads to better life, working hard and studying all night long will get good grades are all some hurdles which we think when crossed will lead to happiness. This way we generate our own happiness.

On the contrary is happiness so hard to achieve? Is it so expensive? I think we need to relieve ourselves from the self made hurdles of achieving goals to be happy and understand that happiness cannot be created but experienced, it comes by attaining peace not goals!!