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Monday, 3 March 2014

At the COST of What?

Technology has been the savior of the mankind and has always been there for almost all our needs.  Today almost ever thing is driven by technology and the picture is expected to improve further. The reason of developing better and smart technology is to make our life easier but the question here is “at the cost of what?” the reason it is important is because I think technology has made our lives easier but in the same way has removed the term hard workers from our resume or may be character. We proudly call ourselves smart workers in the age of technology. Though I respect the term but I am not very impressed by the support of technology we take in our daily life, rather the expectations we have from technology. If we have to plan a trip we easily go and book it online, we read testimonials, check out restaurants etc. to understand what the trip has to offer beforehand, But at the cost of what?? I think we have sacrificed the element of surprise, excitement and explore the new from the picture. I recently happen to be in a situation when someone asked about me about Hindu mythology and the answer was “google it”, but again at the cost of what? Here our brain has been outsourced to google.  We don’t have to remember passwords, we don’t have to remember dates, and occasions etc. etc. and trust the list is huge. Writing the article I realized that we don’t have to even remember the spelling because Microsoft has got your back. We are surrounded by technology all over the place and it is trying to penetrate everywhere from externally used devices to even our eyes now (google glass). I am not very impressed by the thinking that technology makes our life easy; I think it makes us dependent and after a while we will not be able to help our own selves. So what will happen to the phrase "god helps those who help themselves"???