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Monday, 25 February 2013

While writing about Learning as a constant process, I was surprised by the details, the length of the process and its inception the most. Even though I am not a science graduate but I somewhere learned that a man’s DNA carries characteristics of his parents. So if I say DNA itself is a learning DVD for the kid in the mother's womb, equipped with all the  necessary learning to live i.e. breathing, sensory organs etc. would make sense.

If we see the genesis, as a fetus I learnt all useful things which are essential for me to survive on the planet. But once I am born the journey starts and I can learn things as per my choice. The way I learn and what I learn is the catalyst for my future events. If I started taking interest in poem and writing I would definitely come in contact with people who write, I would even learn from them but it is necessary that this learning be practiced to have my own experience. But if I choose not to take interest in anything, there would be no constructive learning which would lead to negativity and inferiority complex because the environment around me is changing and others are learning.

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Learning, simple yet complex exercise we all do.......

One learns by LISTENING, SEEING or EXPERIENCING (doing). I think that experiencing or doing something is required for better learning, because it gives us a FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. There are certain stuff which one cannot do and learn (falling from the cliff will break your head, I am happy listening and watching that, I won’t prefer doing it) I am not discussing that.
Let’s trying to understand why we sometimes hesitate in taking initiative to do some things rather than listen to others and their experiences?

For example, being a child, my mother asked me not to touch the hot iron as it will hurt; but did I listen? naaa I actually experienced the HOT IRON burn on my hand and then learnt. Although I didn’t listen to my mother but I took a chance and experimented, and I LEARNED

Today after 23 years, if my mother asks, don't touch the hot iron I would very easily listen to her but I will still learn that touching hot iron hurts. As I won’t risk experimenting with the iron most of us will also do the same.

Somewhere we have lost the spark to experimenting, unlike our childhood where breaking and throwing things was a routine. We like to be informed beforehand rather discover it our self and enjoy the thrill of discovery. Listening from a friend about his experiences will make me informed but this information lacks conviction because I have not felt it myself I have not burnt my hand with the hot iron.

Learning is a continuous up-gradation activity happening throughout every second of our life which we cannot avoid and is very essential too. But how we choose to learn is our decision, should we listen to other's stories and learn or should we take an experience and make a story of your own; makes a huge difference. !!