About Me

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Something happened in me which made me stop writing for a while, but today I lie down on my bed and I was struck with a very peculiar thought. A thought that I never though before. The thought was a memory, a memory which was not mine but had something to do with me and my life. The memory was someone else's but I was so moved by it that it made me write again.

I started thinking for the reason why I would do something good or bad, why is that I enjoy being happy? why is that I remember my good times when I am upset?. every thing in my life came for some time and then went away with its time. whether it was the happiness or the sad days they all were not permanent. I realized one little thing, that its only the present on which I dwell not the future, nor the past. Form my past I have some MEMORIES and a vision for the future and I want to make that vision a memory too when I depart from the world. I have had many screw ups in my life due to my crazy attitude but as i grow up I realized I dint make any good memories out if it. But now I realize the importance of making things end in a good way. This will make me and my near and dear once proud of me when I grow old and it will also give a sense of prestige that I made something good in my life which i am proud of.

Make and do things in life which you are proud of or its all a waste and your regret.