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Friday, 17 January 2014

Talk it out.

The current external environment emphasizes a lot on the need to LISTEN and listening does helps in a lot of ways. The flip side of the situation is that most of the people just hear the conversation and blindly follow the conclusion of the discussions. The whole point of the discussion is to bring on the table the different issues and viewpoints that different stakeholder have, on the table. Most of the time discussions end in a very obvious way and by Obvious I mean, people know the conclusion beforehand.  While you get involved in a discussion you are expected to say and speak what you think, what you feel and what you think should be the right course of action but people just keep their mouth shut and don't speak thinking their view is either not important or wont be heard.

I somewhere think that not speaking about your viewpoint when it is required may lead to inferiority complex and thus frustration. People who don’t speak up in discussions and conversation generally are not satisfied by the decisions which are taken after the discussions are over. They generally crib and talk bad about people who have the power to influence decisions (I am not saying that influential people are always rite), they make a bad impression about those people and some of them even spread that bad words too. Thus it is very important to always say what you feel irrespective of what you think would be the consequences. Speaking up not only satisfies your desires but it helps others too as you set an example. I have been more of a SPEAKING guy all my life and have been surprised to know why people don’t speak up.

Speak the spark, because it has a short life. Either it ignites a huge fire or it dies.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Key to success is to have The KEY, Success is just an outcome then.