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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Strengthen the Strength

In life, one always runs after achieving what is not with them the things which they have always wanted, the skills they always wanted to improve upon. Achieving what you desire in life is very important or that vacuum is always there, that regret is always there about not being able to do what you always wanted in life. But is that really important? Will it take you towards success? Since I entered higher education in life, I learnt the term SWOT. I did my SWOT too and like every one else I too had weakness and some strengths.  I ended up taking close to heart all the weakness in me and started working towards them so they are gone; I wanted a blank space in my weakness columns of SWOT report card. I ran to overcome my weaknesses. But after a while I realized that I started losing the flare in me although I tried overcoming all my drawbacks. I was stunned to see that even though I am trying to be perfect and get rid of all my weaknesses still I am loosing what I was. The charm was somewhere losing its shine.

The reason was me. I worked upon my weakness but I forgot that I had some strength too. It was my strengths because of which I was what I was. My strengths were the things which shaped my character; they gave me the flare which made me overcome all my obstacles. Now I was at a position where I realized that in order to be better I have lost the basis platform which made me what I was. Working on your grey areas is important but it’s even more important that you retain what you are known for, the strengths you posses.

Weakness is good till the time is stays with you , if you don’t have any weakness people will not talk about you because no one want to talk about a perfect man, because a perfect man does not exist.

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