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Monday, 25 February 2013

While writing about Learning as a constant process, I was surprised by the details, the length of the process and its inception the most. Even though I am not a science graduate but I somewhere learned that a man’s DNA carries characteristics of his parents. So if I say DNA itself is a learning DVD for the kid in the mother's womb, equipped with all the  necessary learning to live i.e. breathing, sensory organs etc. would make sense.

If we see the genesis, as a fetus I learnt all useful things which are essential for me to survive on the planet. But once I am born the journey starts and I can learn things as per my choice. The way I learn and what I learn is the catalyst for my future events. If I started taking interest in poem and writing I would definitely come in contact with people who write, I would even learn from them but it is necessary that this learning be practiced to have my own experience. But if I choose not to take interest in anything, there would be no constructive learning which would lead to negativity and inferiority complex because the environment around me is changing and others are learning.

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