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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happiness the root cause

We are always running to attain some thing in life, a better job, better salary, better life style, better grades etc. these things we seek does it satisfy us? Are we satisfied with the current job which we always wanted, are we happy with the current salary which we draw, if the answer is no, then have you ever thought; why? Even though there is always something better to attain in life and be proud of it but what keeps us moving?

It is Happiness. To all of us happiness comes from achieving the desired goals, we feel happy to get a salary hike, to buy a new car or a new house; although this happiness may or may not be for a long time but surely it is never permanent. We struggle for more hikes, bigger car and ever a more lavish home and more happiness. Thus, the thought of experiencing more happiness motivates us to struggle for our goals.

Every action of human being can be rooted down to happiness, writing a blog makes me happy, reading blogs make you happy, a thief feels happy after steeling, a fat person feels happy after burning calories, a student feels happy to excel in class etc. but when one achieves his set goals it is then he dives in the sea of happiness and reaches peace with his mind but not for long because there is still something more lucrative out there and again, we run.

The way we look at happiness today is quite different than the actual structure, we have conditioned our minds where we associate happiness with a desired goal, fasting leads to better life, working hard and studying all night long will get good grades are all some hurdles which we think when crossed will lead to happiness. This way we generate our own happiness.

On the contrary is happiness so hard to achieve? Is it so expensive? I think we need to relieve ourselves from the self made hurdles of achieving goals to be happy and understand that happiness cannot be created but experienced, it comes by attaining peace not goals!!

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