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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Every one of us is a diamond and we posses certain talents and skills which can make us shine even better. But do we take that move, is the point of worry because most of us do not. I intend to talk about the talents which are possessed by us and should be respected but are we doing justice to it?

It is worth thinking WHY do we posses the talent and skill, what is the science and mystery behind it? Why is that I can do a certain activity in a better and effortless way than any of my friend? Why do we not run after our desired goals and succumb to society and their way of living?

I do not blame anyone but the education system for this, although the system is good but it has missed one very basic and critical subject called the talent realization and pursuit. Or education system gives importance to the entire subject line but it has no respect for the unique ability which the child possesses.

Understanding your talent is half a part which most of us do today, some of us know about our talents, we know what we are good at but practicing it is not which most of us do and is a crucial thing which is skipped. All my friends (including me) talk about making a difference to the world and changing the system, but it cannot be done my playing temple run or chatting on Blackberry one needs to break the comfort zone and start doing.

Most of us today are not satisfied and happy with our profession and think if I would have a second chance then I would try pursuit my talent. We study science, law, management with an ultimate goal of earning, the better and expensive the course the better the returns after getting a degree but are we doing justice to our talents? I suppose most of us are not even doing justice to the degrees which we have earned by studying management or law or science.  If every degree or course which we do is to earn better income in future then why not learn and train in what we are good at and have interest and inclination. This would reduce work related frustration, restore work and professional life balance and increase productivity. Working towards our talents and the kind of occupation we always wanted to take would give us all the happiness and desires which we would never be able to achieve even after studying the elite degrees.

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  1. I wonder if everyone could think the same way, people would experiment life a little bit more and do what they wish to irrespective of consequences.