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Friday, 8 March 2013


There are some unique occurrences which happen to an Indian woman and she has been showing courage to fight them again and again. There are 3 phases which brings about the most prominent changes in a women’s life and they categorized as-child, adulthood and marriage.

As a woman’s age increase her societal burdens also increases and it keeps on increasing till the point where she only fulfills expectations of the society rather than her own desires.

The journey of a female fetus starts with some bad experiences; people try to kill her even before she is born. If she makes out and takes birth she is welcomed with sorrow and unhappiness as she will only eat and will not earn for the family unlike a male who earns bread when he grows up, still she gives smiles to her mother after being born. She is not allowed to attend classes and carry on with her education; she cannot even get education which is her right but still she draws her mom and dad in the school. As she attains adulthood, she has to sacrifice her desires and follow the rules formulated by society, she is not allowed to work at night, she cannot wear cloths of her own choice, she cannot have male friends and more over she cannot talk loud in public.

Marriage is the biggest sacrifice which a woman makes in her life, all her desires, likings and disliking are gone in a day and she now has a master who would control her for the rest of her life and she is expected to obey him, intruding her birth right of being free. After marriage even a small mistake makes her a bad omen for the family and she has to live with that curse. While her pregnancy people warn her of giving birth to a female child, but still she smiles and her motherhood flourishes.

Since the geneses a women struggles and takes on every possible beating from the society and smile. She moves forward and makes everyone happy who comes in her motherly contact. She has the capacity to study and beat the brightest of the male child, to be a bread earner for the family, to run ahead to MEN and beat them in their own ground. But still she remains calm and takes pride in delivering mankind the biggest gift of god, giving birth to you and me.

It is a salute to all the women, who have struggled and taken every challenge of the society to show them HUM KISI SE KAAM NAHI..!!



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