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Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Image DRAMA

A good Image is what all of us want today, that is why we invest so much on clothing, personality development and all other grooming options available to us. Anything at all which makes us look different from the crowd. All these activities are done to make a superior or a unique image of one in front of others.

Why do we make an image about someone in our mind??? Why is it worth?? The reason is because we are in constant searching mode for someone who can be our friend who can be a good company in an outing one and most importantly one who can be trusted. So the image is a report card. Thus maintaining a good report card is important. There are 2 ways by which you can present your image among your peers. One can choose to project something about himself or he can be himself and let others project what he is.

The projected image is formed when one according to the environment showcase certain qualities which he may not possess, this helps him to be the star of the group and thus people start expecting the same skills from him more often. The problem here is that if you fake, it might be suicidal. Because your peers have already made a good image about you in their mind, they trust you and they desperately want you to live up to their expectation. But if you don’t the entire trust and affection which you got will be lost PERMANENTLY. Because what you did by faking your action is that you triggered an interest in the minds of people who are not like you and might not get along good with you, but as you stimulated it with your actions they are attracted and would want you to reciprocate. And responding to their expectations every time is not possible for you because you are not the same person as you showcased. But ironically speaking if you can fake and be a good at it, you sure can gain a lot of momentum.

On the other hand being yourself and not doing anything just to impress others is when people take time to formulate an image about you. This is a long term process but for sure it is a permanent thing. When you try to be yourself and your activities are not an outcome for influencing someone then your start respecting your individuality and appreciate yourself and most importantly you respect everyone around you and would not like to plague it with people who do not respect you and themselves.

 When you try not to impress everyone, you impress the right one.

P.S. there is no moral or learning in this one, but for sure, I would want people to pay some extra attention on image they showcase.

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