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Friday, 31 May 2013


After getting into corporate life I learnt that there are basically 3 nightmares in an employee’s life; Cost cutting, monotonous work and most feared is the boss. I have been observing for months that BOSS is the one who no one likes, irrespective of him being good or bad or neutral. People have developed a habit of cribbing about their bosses among friends and colleagues. What wrong has the creature done to the employees that they hate him so much?

Bosses are there to control all the activities in the office as well as keep the employees satisfied, I guess they are able to take control of the office activities but they are surely not able to satisfy everyone in the team. Some employees are unhappy because they are not able to take long vacations even though they have spared leaves, some are unhappy because the boss is not promoting the work they do, some are unhappy because nothing good is happening to them (I was also surprise to hear that from someone). People have made it a habit to criticize their bosses if things are not going their way but they don’t understand the situation can be even worse if their boss actually becomes the devil they think he is.

If he is not giving you leaves it’s not because he doesn't want to you to enjoy a vacation it is because the company policy is such that he cannot allow a certain number of people be absent from the team at a single day, who would manage the work ? Who will meet the deadlines? Who will look after the troublesome client who always wants his work done on time? And trust me he is not doing this for his personal grudges with any one of us, he makes you work hard because he is paid to get work done from his team and in the process to make sure that he achieves it, he has to  put work first then employees. So it is not the boss who is evil, it is the work who makes the boss evil.

I strongly believe that making a good relation and being genuine with your boss works wonders, discussing your problems and your approach towards that problem helps your boss to understand you in a better way as a result one can develop healthy relations with every BOSS. Let’s start looking at him from a good prospective.

Every leader no matter how strong he is wants the love of his team, whether he accepts it or not


  1. I can not totally agree wid u on dis grounds. Absolutely not.There r some bosses who r genuinely good. Again I'll stress on the word "genuine". These kind of bosses r those who know well how to value employees and their valuable contribution above the organisation. But most of the bosses u come to see, hear frm ur frnds and experience urself r suffering frm Superiority complex. Being authoritative dey forget hw badly dey r misusing their authority. They should know how to manage the leaves of employes widout hampering the work.The art of Delegation is the key as Leaders.They should always plan their team-size with a spare resource to manage the smooth workflow. They save cost of spare resource many a times to prove their efficiency as a boss and portray their contribution to Cost cutting initiatives which results to a promotion. So its always fruitful to grow healthy relations with each of ur team member including ur boss. So that if someday ur boss is cutting down on ur leaves so there r people(team mates) who r ready to make a sacrifice of their leaves for ur urgent needs.