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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A friend in NEED but not a Friend INDEED

Working for long hours all the months can be pressurizing at times and it can be more frustrating when one stays away from his hometown. Been in corporate sector one can expect that he will have to relocate often esp. in India where there are only a few states with industries and corporate offices. One big issue with living in such hi tech cities is that all of them have a different crowd and their own way of living which all immigrants have to get accustomed as early as possible. The reason I am saying this is that all of this can be very hard to handle and may lead to consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

Staying away from home it is generally difficult for people to find a good company or even a friend who can act as a support as a result one has to resort to smoking and drinking at times just to socialize with people who are around or seclusion can be dangerous at times. This happened to lot of people around me. I have a habit of asking people as to why they smoke and almost all of them had to REASON rather they had EXCUSES.  All of them had one sentence to offer me “do you have better option than this for a Saturday night” and to be very frank I did not have any thing. But when I started searching for alternatives to enjoy rather than drinking and smoking I found out that the cities in which we live (corporate cities) have only PUBS and BARS on the name of entertainment or one might go for a movie at most. Thus smoking and drinking becomes the favorite past times of those who want to relax but without realizing the Ill effects on health.

The government of many countries are coming forward and spending a lot of funds to help people who smoke and drink realize that it can cause serious health concerns, but I suppose that someone who drinks and smokes regularly knows that it is harm full for health, but now he cannot help it because he is addicted.  Rather than spending a fortune on advertisement and awareness the need of the hour is to establish REHABILITATION centers where people who wish to be cured and helped can enroll and help themselves, if funding allows people can be offered free service and helped rather than  just being informed.

Awareness is required but for the disciplined, others want help!!

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  1. Hmm mm I see where it is coming from :) N who all are your addicted friendz ;)