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Friday, 14 June 2013


Everyone I met in this small life of mine is somewhere very fascinated with one thing which they all love and are interest all time, irrespective how badly they deny it in public “criticizing others” I cannot make out from where do people get the free time and energy to waste on talking shit about people in school, offices and now days even families. Why do we care about what others are doing? Are we afraid of them? Do we take others as a threat? Or are we suffering from inferiority complex?

What I fear the most about these people is that they have the habit to change other people’s mind and thinking so fast and with so clean intentions that everyone will think that yes, the other person is WRONG. They can even coax your friends away from you with good score, your friends will also doubt you and your friendship.
Some where I have observed this too much and consider these people as a potential threat to me and all the people who consider me a friend. These are people who are JUDGMENTAL over small things in life and have half knowledge about everything which they consider to be complete.

Suggestion- stay away from people who make judgment on personality over an argument of an action, APNI AKAL LAGAO, make your own opinion and cherish it. And if you are one those who makes judgments, please take a break, make judgments but don’t impose them on others. You might fall in your own trap.

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